A platform with diverse solutions to tackle the main challenges of the sector

From soil preparation to harvesting, our solutions are part of the day-to-day agricultural production. We use platform-agnostic software to connect people, machines and weather information, creating an intelligent ecosystem that provides insights for optimizing mechanized operations, streamlining inputs, and increasing productivity. Collect more value from your crop.

Single Platform

Centralized Intelligence

Information has new meaning for farms that are increasingly more digital and integrated. By converging communication telemetry operations and climate conditions, we turn large volumes of data into action—allowing for more informed and intelligent decision making and adding value to your operation.

  • KPI / Dashboard
  • Analytical Maps
  • Monitoring
  • Alert
Operation monitoring

We automatically capture operational information. This has changed the game.

Operation Monitoring

The embedded monitoring software is the heart of Solinftec's platform. The software enables the automatic collection of productive information, resulting in greater efficiency.

Network of connected weather stations

Collect hyperlocal historical data to track the development of the crop, with real-time and online data to support decision-making on the go.

Sprayer and weather station—a perfect match

Machine-to-machine communication, local weather stations and forecasting are integrated—providing more informed and productive decision-making.


Autonomous dispatch of tractors

Find out what can improve the harvesting process.

Convert harvesting into an automated production line. With machine-to-machine communications and proprietary algorithms, we are able to define when and where a haul-out tractor will be needed. We significantly reduce the number of machines, people and fuel used in the harvesting process.



Sugarcane digital certificate

Forget paper—think digital.

From field to mill, we have total traceability of the raw material delivered in the industry. Using an on-board computer and embedded geographical intelligence, we gather information without the risk of human error, allowing each area's productivity to be determined safely and accurately.

Mill, harvesters and trucks connected for a purpose


We challenge ourselves to rethink how the supply chain in the industry is managed, more precisely milling. We are integrating our solutions for connectivity, traceability, monitoring and optimization to a new solution for dynamic resource distribution. We stabilize raw material flow and optimize asset utilization.


Trace the best route, guide automatically and monitor point-to-point execution, providing more stability for the flow of raw material from the field to the industry. Forget traffic signs in the field.



Limitless connectivity

Connected machines, connected weather stations and connected people—wherever the farm is. SolinfNet is a proprietary, low-cost and simple deployment network that uses point-to-point technology to extend coverage and enable real-time data transmission.

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