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Our History

Who we are

Solinftec is a digital agriculture technology company, unyielding in its long-term commitment to improve the worldwide food chain, with a mission to continuously leverage and invest in cutting-edge technology to increase farm efficiency while subsequently contributing to longer-term sustainability. Today, Solinftec solutions are utilized across 10+ countries worldwide and the corporation is recognized as a global AgTech innovation leader.

Since 2018, Solinftec has invested heavily in the progression of artificial intelligence—eventually introducing ALICE, a first of its kind artificial intelligence assistant specifically designed to work with production farmers to integrate and process data from machinery, people, climate and relevant external inputs. ALICE calculates producers’ ultimate needs/objectives and delivers real-time actionable recommendations. Its digital agronomy allows for data and predictive analysis that have been previously unavailable—empowering the potential for unprecedented efficiency and productivity.

Continuous Innovation

  • 2007


  • 2007

    Pioneering in data telemetry

    An obsession for real-time decision-making is born

  • 2009

    From the telemetry of machines to the monitoring of operations

    The "state machine" software was revolutionary in eliminating human intervention in the determination of productive operations. The quality of the information generated enabled a great advance in agricultural operational efficiency.

  • 2010

    Second generation of on-board computer Solinftec

  • 2011

    Digital certificate of sugar cane

    Complete traceability of production from land plot into the mill without any human intervention.

  • 2012

    Autonomous dispatch of tractors

    We have revolutionized the way haul-out tractors are dispatched to the harvester, significantly reducing the costs involved with the harvesting process.

  • 2013

    Limitless connectivity

    First company to use mesh technology in the creation of a network for data transmission of agricultural operations. With SolinfNet, it becomes possible to monitor a farm in real time—wherever it is.

  • 2014

    Third board computer generation

    Geographical intelligence gains a new dimension and the concept of agricultural platform is born, using one device and several embedded applications.

  • 2015

    Solutions for row and perennial crops

    The track record for sugar cane allows for a fast ramp-up into other crops. The new solutions use the same platform, and we have developed new software solutions to tackle the operational challenges of other crops.

  • 2016

    Connected weather stations and rain gauges

    Real-time and online decision-making based on weather conditions.

  • 2017

    TPG ART investment

    Best-of-class private equity investor made an investment in the company.

  • 2017

    Flow + Rota

    Continuous development of new solutions to tackle operational challenges in different parts of the agricultural cycle.

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