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Solinftec is an agtech company dedicated to going deep in solving real-world problems across the globe.

How we stand apart

When it comes to ag solutions, we know that it takes more than a one-off approach. Agriculture is massively complex, and we are dedicated to being a partner, a pair of boots on the ground with growers and retails to work together to solve problems across operations.

  • We are problem solvers

  • We focus on entire systems

  • We are dedicated partners

Solinftec for Retail

Increase travel efficiency, reduce machine stopped time, and cover more acres per hour.

chase sellnow

Solinftec uncovers opportunities for efficiency and gives us the data to coach and manage that change. I don’t know of any other company who gives the levers that we can pull to drive efficiencies and net income. It’s a long term relationship because we find more and more opportunities.

~ Chase Sellnow

Solinftec delivers robust solutions at scale in close partnership with producers and their advisors.

Join these companies in driving 20-30% efficiencies improvements.